Tinybaby is an international brand owned by AMD group based in California,USA. We  provide vast variety of baby products and services for brands, retailers and customers around the world. Tinybaby is our own brand which is growing very fast and strong world-wide by the help of the big billion dollar mother Holding .

What we do at Tinybaby?

We at Tinybaby consider ourselves to be insightful and caring when it comes to the baby’s benefits. With families of our own, we really do believe the need for quality products that serves babies and young children in the home, car and when out and about. Growing every day in baby business, we build on our reputation for developing high quality products, and we supply many countries’ retailers with Tinybaby brand. Our billion-dollar group of companies has been successful running different businesses including baby products manufacturing and distributing;

Recently we have decided to expand our own brand (Tnybaby) to new markets to fulfill and track our goal; which is to give a smile of joy to the baby, and a smile of satisfaction to the parents in every corner of the world. After a lot of hard work and many designs later, Tinybaby evolved into a whole world of high quality baby products for each market according to their native needs and demands, and we’ve never looked back since.

Our partners and alliances

PLUG AND PLAY: Plug and Play is a global innovation platform. We connect startups to corporations, and invest in over 100 companies every year. We have 22 locations across the world. Startups in our community have raised over $3.5 billion in funding.
Hollywood Production Center: Since 2001, establishing ourselves among the top facility for Hollywood film-making economy. with 27,000 sq. feet of fully furnished office in the heart of Hollywood.
Ten Ten Wilshire: TENTEN Wilshire is a luxuriously furnished, full-serviced 227-unit apartment building with all the amenities of an executive suite office building, and features of an urban resort in downtown Los Angeles, California, which opened its doors in July 2008. TenTen quickly established itself as the premiere Los Angeles community for professionals looking for one place to Live, Work, and Play.
AMA Construction & Real Estate LLC: AMA Construction & Real Estate LLC was established in 1995 as an in house Construction Company in relation to their Real Estate holdings within Southern California. The Company has continued its growth in both areas of Real Estate and Business Development; it has now expanded its construction projects through its subsidiaries MacroCons, AMANIK, ATA Real Estate and AM & J construction.
And other services, businesses and industries around the world that give us huge confidence for being in this Billion-dollar group.